Class Archive

When I first decided to take this class, I had no idea what to expect. Looking at the description of the course I knew we would be talking about science and technology, but I thought we would only discuss topics such as cell phones, computers, and social media sites. But that was not the case at all. It was interesting to see that we could pick the topics we wanted to discuss for our class, such as online dating, race, and the technology of our food.

Looking and reflecting back on the different blog posts we have done throughout this semester, I am happy to know that we have created our own archive to look back on. With each blog post that has been written you can see the passion each student has for each of his or her topics. It was also amazing to see the different topics that each student chose. I also enjoyed reading and learning something new from each blog post.

One of the blog post topic’s that was interesting to me was the blog about neuroprosthetics. When I think of prosthetics, I would always think about someone with a wooden leg. But it seems like the research and advancement of this technology is expanding. This technology can definitely help those who are in need of it, and can give them the ability to do things they never thought they would be able to do. There is a performance artist named Viktoria Modesta, who is an amputee and has a prosthetic leg. She is also a model and DJ. In her music video Protype, she has a scene where she is dancing on a spike prosthetic. Through this music video, she wants to change people’s perspective on what it is to live with a disability. One thing I found interesting about the testing out of neuroprosthetics is that they are still testing out how ways to sense weight and temperature. When I go to grab something, I never really think about how much it weighs; it just comes naturally to me. Another thing I found interesting in this blog was that the science community maybe onto finding a potential way of communicating by sending someone’s thought signal through neurons. It’s amazing and but a kind of scary advancement to think about.

Another topic on the blog that caught my eye was the one about bees. I did not know that the population of bees was declining. For me personally, I do not like bees and did not really see the significance of them besides making honey until reading this post. It was interesting to see that bees are a very important aspect to us because they help pollinate many of our plants to give us fruits and vegetables.

One thing I liked about the class is that we are able to choose a technology that was are interesting. I also noticed that our class does not just choose topics that are commonly known with technology, such as the Internet. Many of the topics really make you think and expand your view on the topic of technology. I would have never thought about bees or Egyptian mummification as a medium of technology.


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